Tuesday, September 18, 2012

and then....

today i found myself wondering what the people i know, and people i have known think of me.  not like, if they think i'm cool or smart, or funny.  more like if i have ever helped them with a problem or situation or decision they had.  if i have ever said something that they had listened to.

one thing i know about people is that they prefer not to listen, but to talk.  if i begin to talk about my day, or my life,  or my thoughts, i can feel the company i'm with shut down.  they light up at their turn to go on about themselves, (not an insult, just something i have observed) and listen when their situation is commented upon.

so with this i have learned to say little about myself, and ask about my company often, allowing them to focus on their life.  i listen carefully, and try to thoughtfully answer.

i wonder if they hear me.  i wonder if they ever think of me and the comments i have made about what they tell me.

for some reason it would make me happy if i had any sort of impact on someone, more than if they even knew who i was.

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