Wednesday, March 13, 2013


It was pointed out to me that my birthday is in less than a month.  It's not even on my radar, it still feels like it's many months from now.  So far this one doesn't have any beginnings of a depressing vibe, so I think I'll have a little fun with it.  There is really nothing that I need, I have my amazing husband who makes me crazy happy, my naughty kitty and greedy doggy, and a great family that all have been really wonderful to me.  I'm set!
But wants are fun.  Here is my daydream birthday wishlist in a frivolously perfect world:

- A slick pair of T.U.K. Mondo Creepers in size 9.  While I'm at it, here is my shoe Pintrest.  Any of these would be just fine.
- A matching set of this white collar and matching leash for Boppy and me. (Bop and I have the same birthday.  My baby is going to be 10ish!  wow.)

- I am always and forever wanting new tattoos and have endless plans and ideas.  This is one of them:
- A new Klick Klack with underneath storage.
- A new bedroom.

The mirrored furniture from Pier One has always been my ideal dream set.  This is the Jewelry Armoire:

- A fat gift card to Michaels would make me very happy. 
- I'll take rhinoplasty, a boob lift, and my stretch marks erased, please.
- A big ol' gift card to Sephora.
- Patrick Nagel & Dennis Mukai framed prints.  I've had my eye on these girls:

- Fancy clothes, including the perfect pair of lace pants, perfect linen pants and general badass bizarre Maria style.  
- Between 6 and 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep would be heaven.
- I want to adopt a small young dog.  Preferably a mutt, male between 5 and 30 lbs.
That's actually what I want the most.  I want to rescue a young little boy dog to join our family.  I know it's not the best idea for a 1 bedroom apartment that's already occupied by a full grown husband, Siberian Husky, deranged cat, and me.  But this is a fantastical wishlist, and I wish for a little friend to love and cuddle me, and to be the best mom and home possible to the little guy.  
I want a small dog.  I want one so bad.  Just a little one.  To have forever.

OK that's my list.  It's just for fun.  For pretend.  I have pink Pajamas with the turtles on them and a Ween shirt.  Time for a nap.


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